Maynard-Burgess House Artifacts: Miscellaneous finds


toothbrush head
red earthenware pipe bowl

Two portions of toothbrushes.

 Molded pipe bowl made of red earthenware, 19th century.

pipe bowl
pipe bowl
pipe bowl

Three pipe bowls made from white kaolin clay, 19th century.

metal canning jar lid
bottle caps

Fork with benedict plate.

Portions of a table knife, iron blade and bone handle.
Metal canning jar lid.
Six bottle caps, late 19th and 20th centuries.
tin can

Tin can, 20th century.  Tin cans are indicative of buying pre-packaged national brand foods.  Throughout the 19th and into the 20th centuries the Maynard and Burgess families had to contend with racism in every facet of their lives.  It was especially noticeable in the market place, where white vendors would raise the cost of fresh produce for their black customers only.  In order to avoid this, the Maynard and Burgess families bought a lot of pre-packaged goods sold on a national level, which were consistently priced across the board.  During this excavation large numbers of similar cans were uncovered, indicating the purchase of many types of pre-packaged foods.