Governor Calvert House Artifacts: Tools and Utilitarianware


brown stoneware mug

Brown stoneware mug with a Nottingham glaze, 18th century.

Incised gray and blue stoneware crock.

pot hook
grappling hook
iron cooking vessel

Iron pot-hook used to hang pots in the kitchen hearth.

Iron grappling hook used to hang pots on the hearth to cook or food in a well to cool.

Part of a three-legged iron cooking vessel.

hoe blade
scythe blade
iron spoon
Iron broad hoe blade.

Iron scythe blade.

Iron serving spoon.

redware jar
redware pitcher

An English redware jar charred from use in fire.  Vessels made by Africans and African Americans were of similar style and used to slow cook food in the fire.  This English jar seems to have had a similar use, and was probably used by Africans and African American slaves at the Governor Calvert House.

Portion of a redware pitcher.