Reynolds' Tavern Artifacts: Ceramics and utensils


fork and knife
iron knife
iron spoon bowl
Iron two-pronged fork and knife blade, 18th century.

Large iron knife, in two pieces, 18th century.

Iron spoon bowl.

iron fork
wooden spoon
copper alloy spoon

Iron fork with wooden handle fragments attached.

Small wooden spoon.

Copper alloy, silver-plated spoon.

stoneware crock
stoneware crock sherds
bed pan sherd

Large stoneware crock, 18th century. 

Two pieces of a large blue and gray stoneware (American) jar, 18th century.

Portion of a whiteware chamber pot with blue painted decoration, 19th century.

blue shelledged plate sherd
tureen lid rim
rim of a shell edged plate

Portion of pearlware plate with blue shell edge, 1780-1820.

Portions of a whiteware tureen lid, blue and white transferprint pattern, 1810-1860.

Rim of a pearlware diner plate with a blue shell edge design, 1780-1820.

Canton China sherds
porcelain saucer

Three pieces of Canton china, 18th-early 19th century.

Hand-painted Chinese porcelain saucer with a red overglaze design, 18th century