Governor Calvert House Artifacts: Adornment


carnelian bead
Eight small beads
Red carnelian bead originally from India that was recovered in a work area near the well and attributed to African Americans.  These beads are rare on North American sites; one other has been recovered in St. Augustine, Florida.

 Small bells possibly used as hair charms by African and African American women.

Eight fragments of coral, ivory, and glass made in the Far East and Europe that were once strung as jewelry to be worn by African women. 

cufflink back
turquoise pin

Cufflink with the initial “C” on it, made out of an 1860 half dime.

Turquoise and copper pin.

bone button
leather button
silver plated button
Bone button.

Embossed leather button.

Silver plate button. 

brass button
stamped brass button with gold plating
stamped brass button
Stamped brass button with a floral design.

Stamped brass button with gold plating and a wooden back.

Stamped brass button with gold gilt in a sun and flower design.

gold guild button
military button

Stamped brass button with gold gilt with a floral design.

Military button used by Virginia troops during the 1770s with a crown and shield motif that was also used on the 1773 Virginia halfpenny.