Maynard-Burgess House Artifacts: Ceramics


teapot lid
pearlware saucer

Black basalt style teapot lid. This type of ceramic was used primarily for tea services and was often used as decoration more than functional dishes.

Portion of a pearlware saucer with a polychrome floral design, 1780-1820.

china teacup
stone china plate
portion of a teacup

Small portion of a china teacup with a blue and white floral pattern, possibly 19th century.

Stone China dinner plate, late 19th century.

Piece of an English china teacup with a gilt design on the rim, late 19th century.

English china saucer
chinoiserie teacup
porcelain pitcher

Most of an English china saucer with a blue and white transferprint design of flowers and birds, 19th century.  Other pieces of this ceramic were uncovered indicating that this saucer was part of a set of dishes, perhaps just of tea material.

Portion of English china teacup with a chinoiserie design in blue and white, possibly 19th century.

Japanese porcelain small pitcher with a hand-painted image of samurais on it, late 19th century.  This was most likely not used for serving food but as decoration around the house.