Maynard-Burgess House Artifacts: Glass


mason jar
glass canning jar lid
mason jar lid liner

Ball Perfect Mason canning jar.

Glass canning jar lid liner with the text, WHITALL'S PATTENT JUNE 18th 1861.”

Glass mason jar lid liner with the text, “MASON”S IMPROVED HERO GLASSWORKS PHILA PA.”

glass stopper
glass bottle with stopper
glass rumford bottle
base of glass bottle with the word "RUMFORD"

Glass stopper for a condiment bottle.

Small stoppered bottle.

Rumford Baking Powder bottle.  The patent for baking powder was received by chemists Eben Horsford and George Wilson in 1859.  These two men founded the Rumford Chemical Works, and started producing an improved baking powder in 1869.  This bottle dates from between 1877-1905.

portion of a glass lamp globe
portion of a glass lamp globe
ink well
glass top

Two blown glass lamp globes, 19th century.

Glass ink well, blown-in-mold construction, 19th century.

Decorative glass top for a piece of bric-a-brac.

swizzle stick
glass tumbler
wine glass stem

Swizzle stick from the Melody Club in Baltimore, MD.

Glass tumbler.

Portion of a molded wine glass.